Why learning F# and Functional Programming will make you a better developer

Herengracht 515, Amsterdam


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On May 8th we have a new meetup for .NET Development Nederland. This time Mikhail Shilkov is going to tell you everything about F# and Functional programming.

In this talk we will look at some important concepts of functional programming, and learn why they are getting more adoption in the modern software industry. We will discuss F# as functional-first language in .NET ecosystem, and how learning F# will make your C# code better too. No prior knowledge of functional programming or F# is required.

Mikhail Shilkov is a software developer at Astrata, working on smart and reliable solutions for transportation and logistics industry. He is easily excited by topics like functional and reactive programming, stream processing and event-driven data-intensive applications in the cloud. Mikhail is always striving to make code cleaner and easier to use, architecture to be more transparent and production deployments to be less painful. You can find more in his blog at http://mikhail.io/


- 18.30 Entry and warm food

- 19.00 Talk part 1

- 19.45 **Break**

- 20.00 Talk part 2

- 20.45 Room for questions and discussion

Social drinks


For more information about the talk, just ask one of the organizers.

Entry level: Microsoft level 200

|| 55 seats available, so be quick!!.|| ENGLISH SPOKEN



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